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1. What is the Reddick BBQ Festival?
The Festival is a community-wide event held each spring. The Festival brings together a dozen churches, nearly 100 vendors, and musicians for a weekend of fun and good food.

2. How many years has the Festival been produced?
2023 will be the 12th annual event.

3. Where is the Festival?
The Festival is held on the grounds of Friendship Baptist Church, 15115 NW Gainesville Highway, Reddick, FL 32686.

4. When is the Festival?
Saturday, April 22 and Sunday April 237. The Festival starts at 7:00 a.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m.

5. What does it cost to be a vendor?
There is no charge. There is a $10 deposit (refundable when you set up). We do ask you to consider making a donation. The proceeds help to pay for the costs of the Festival.

6. What does it cost for me to sell food at the Festival?
Nothing. Just complete the vendor registration form.

7. Is there a parking fee?
There is no fee to park. Just arrive early!

8. How many people usually attend?
About 500 to 1,000.

9. What is the purpose of the event.
The purpose is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and get to know our community. We desire all to know God.


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